Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church has a rich history dating back the late 1960’s. It began over 30 years ago in the war torn country of Vietnam. There, among the deep-rooted religions of Buddhism, Confucianism and Animism, a seed for Christ was planted, Grace Baptist Church of Saigon was established by the SBC Missionaries to Vietnam, and began cultivating a mission field for our Lord and Savior where the seed began to grow.

In 1968, a charter member of Grace Baptist Church left Saigon and moved to Cam Ranh Bay, a small coastal village that had become the largest U.S. Armed Forces base, to help establish the Cam Ranh City Christian Orphanage and the Cam Ranh Baptist Church. The high casualties of war orphaned many children and left many without a place to live. Assistance from US soldiers and missionaries enabled the Lord's work to continue amidst the constant threat of hostile artillery.  The Lord was watching over the orphans and the mission in Cam Ranh Bay.

In 1975, the evacuation of 82 children and 15 adults across the South China Sea in an overcrowded, unreliable boat was a miracle of the Lord's loving protection. The roots of His seed would now be extended thousands of miles to America.  The orphans were settled at the Buckner Home in Dallas and became the first Vietnamese Baptists on U.S. territory. Ha Xuan Nguyen, who had been the Director of the orphanage in Vietnam, and who was with them during their escape, was appointed as a Home Missionary in Texas to serve Vietnamese people under the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

In 1978, East Grand Baptist Church in Dallas graciously opened its doors to this Vietnamese refugee ministry.  From this ministry, Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church was established. Many of the church's first members were people from Cam Ranh Bay.

In August 1987, Vietnamese Faith Baptist was officially established, and Reverend Ha Xuan Nguyen was called by the Lord to pastor the church. In December 1987, the church purchased its present building site located at 11312 Shiloh Road, Dallas, from the Dallas Theological Seminary. It is the only Vietnamese language Evangelical Church in the city of Dallas.

In August 1990, Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church was officially admitted to Dallas Baptist Association and Southern Baptist Convention. On March 29, 1992, the church paid off mortgage note of Dallas Theological Seminary.

In 1995, due to deteriorated health, Pastor Ha Xuan Nguyen and the board invited Pastor Hue Van Nguyen to continue ministries at Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church. For 16 years of ministering Pastor Hue Van Nguyen has faithfully served, and during these years, God has blessed the church tremendously with His servants including Pastor Jim Klassen (associate Pastor), Pastor Vo Ngoc Trien (Family Pastor 1997 – 2012), Pastor James Foo (EM ministry), Pastor Dan Ha (children ministry), and Deacon Do Si Nghi (EM ministry).

In 2011, after 16 years serving as Senior Pastor, Pastor Hue Van Nguyen was called to the mission field full time.

During 2012, the church invited Pastor Nhon Thanh Le as interim Pastor.

After nearly three years of searching for a new pastor, we are grateful to God for leading Pastor Peter Le Hong Phuc to come and lead us since July 2014 to this day.

In September 2014, the church invited Mrs Betty Nguyen as Music Director. Mrs Betty Pham was a graduate of the church music program at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth.

In April 2016, Pastor Huynh Tran Linh accepted the calling to server as English Ministry Pastor. Pastor Huynh Tran Linh was a graduate of the Masters of Divinity program at the Fuller Theological Seminary.

In January 2019, Mrs. Ngan Ha answered the call to become Children’s Ministry Director.

Throughout the years, the church has built a foundation of faith for many families, individuals.  

We pray that for God to continue to bless His congregation to build a legacy of faith at Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church.